We'll this is a great active blog. I really should do something different. A (active?) blog obviously doesn't work for me. At least not at this moment.

Website launch


Finally, after a long time I'm launching my personal blog. Most delays are because I kept focusing on technical details. And not enough on content.
Still I've got a list of small details that I want to fix. But these can be fixed over time.

So what to expect for now?  A mix between UX/Usability posts and WordPress related posts. And maybe some other stuff. I'll try to post regular.
My main goal of the blog is to share what I know, and gain some blog experience.

So for now let the advanture begin!

WordPress URLs overview


WordPress has a lot of directories which you might need. And a lot of functions to get those directories. I myself often doubt which function returns what. Ans if it has a trailing slash or not. so here is an overview.
I've also put all these functions in this small plugin: URL-overview plugin

Add theme Icon to the wp-admin

Theme icon in the wp-admin

The wp-admin does not have an icon by default. There are two ways add an Icon to the admin. First one is to put an favicon.ico in the root of your site. But this method isn't 100% sure. And what if you switch themes with different icon? So the second way is better. Just place the code in functions.php.